Astronomy Nebula Theme Bookmarks

Set of Four Astronomy ‘Nebula’ Theme Bookmarks. Great for gifts, stocking stuffers or just for that special space nut in your life. Made in my shop using quality printing and materials. Printed one side Approx. 2. x 6.inches. Shipped by First Class Mail in padded mailer. My bookmarks are NOT mass produced. I take care in creating and producing quality items.

astronomy nebula-1 set

This is set 1 of the Astronomy Nebula series.   Additional sets will be available soon.

In addition to these bookmarks, I also have created sets for Hummingbirds, Rocket launches, Birds of Asia and many more. Be sure to check back often, as  I continue to create new bookmark sets.

All of the designs are also available in larger print sizes perfect for framing. Make great art for your walls.

A brief history of bookmarks, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia;

The first detached, and therefore collectible, bookmarkers began to appear in the 1850s.  The modern abbreviation is usually ‘bookmark’. Historical bookmarks can be very valuable, and are sometimes collected along with other paper ephemera.

By the 1860s, attractive machine-woven markers were being manufactured, mainly in Coventry, England, the centre of the silk-ribbon industry. One of the earliest was produced by J.&J. Cash to mark the death of Albert, Prince Consort, in 1861. Thomas Stevens of Coventry soon became pre-eminent in the field and claimed to have nine hundred different designs.

Most 19th-century bookmarks were intended for use in Bibles and prayer books and were made of ribbon, woven silk, or leather. By the 1880s the production of woven silk markers was declining and printed markers made of stiff paper or cardboard began to appear in significant numbers. This development paralleled the wider availability of books themselves, and the range of available bookmarks soon expanded dramatically.