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Turning A Pen From Oak Burl

Plans for today include turning a pen from the oak burl I have been cutting up. The burl had been dried for two years before I received it, so able to work with it right away. It’s hard stuff, so will be interesting to see how it goes. Wish me luck and will post pics tomorrow.

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Cutting A Large Burl


I picked up this large red oak burl at a local auction a few weeks ago. I was finally able to get started cutting it up to see what’s inside. It was a lot of work with the small chain saw I have, so I didn’t finish it. So far I have two very nice (and very large) burl blanks. Have a lot more to trim out of the log yet, too! But that will have to wait for another day.

I will post some pictures of the blanks I did get soon. There is also quite a bit of surrounding oak with some very nice spalting. Enjoying the process so far :-)

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Picked Up A Large Oak Burl

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get this very large red oak burl (already dried). Can’t wait to cut it open to find out what is inside.

Hopefully a treasure and not a bust :-)

This large chunk of wood weighs in at over 300 pounds.


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Many New Listings

I am in the process of moving all of my listings from ebay on to this website. There are several hundred items to list, so it may take a day or two to get them all transferred.

My ebay store will be closed as of August 1st.

Most of the listings are for used books, movies, manuals, etc. All prices listed include shipping. Hate throwing anything away, so check out the category “from eBay” – you may find something you have been looking for 😉




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Tears of Remembrance

Check out my new release available on Bandcamp as a digital download or on CD. Six flute solos recorded live in various locations in Minnesota, including along the North Shore on Lake Superior.



I have several wood flutes like the one used in the album nearly finished. They are all in a plain western red cedar, but sound great. Click here if you would like to pre-order one. Will take about one to two weeks for delivery. Get a free copy of Tears of Remembrance with each order. Contact me on availability for Christmas delivery.