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SPT-photo-1Simple Product Tracker Database

I created this software database for my own use to track my products when listing on eBay, Amazon and other sites. It is very easy to use and lets me identify if I need to pull listings off of a site if something has sold. It also helps me identify items as being listed, so they are not misplaced. Helps keep things under control when listing on multiple sites.


*The software is a stand alone database and will be customized with your name or company name.

*Unlimited number of products.

*Page to track sales.

*Record shipping dates.

*Keep product info handy in one place.

*Extended room for product details.

*Product photos can be added.

*Print out product id cards.

*Print bulk cards to add info onto card, allowing to add to database at later time.

This is a work in progress. Let me know of features you want added and I will see what I can do. You will also get free upgrades whenever it is updated. Just be sure to register your email on this site.

This is NOT a full featured inventory program. It is meant as a simple, quick way to track and identify products that you have available on more than one site. I created it with features that work very well for me. I didn’t need or want a large cumbersome product with a steep learning curve.

Works on Windows based machines.

Buy it for only $19.95 here – you get a personalized copy and free updates.