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Crafts Project Estimator and Database

This simple to use estimating program lets you calculate the costs involved with your crafts projects, which will help you get an idea what you should be charging for your items. It will also create a database (and history) of all of your creations.

crafts project estimating done simple
crafts estimator done simple

Perfect for crafters, woodworkers, painters, re-sellers and more

Knowing your easily-quantifiable costs, for example raw materials, tools, packaging etc, on the one end, you need to
consider, on the other end, what the market will bear. You need to charge as much as you can to cover all the unknown or unanticipated costs, as well as to maximize your bottom line profit. This is the essence of proper craft pricing.

With this simple to use program, you can;

*track how much you spend on your project – simply enter your costs on the materials, shop expense, supply costs and don’t forget your time.

*track time required to make items – you can set the amount per hour you want to be paid for each item.

*some standard calculations that give you a guideline on what to charge for your items based on standard percentages. You also have the option to set a custom amount.

*include photos of your items -up to 12 photographs per item.

*track your sales and how much you earn from each item – enter your sales and it will calculate the gross sales for each item, perfect if you have more than one of certain items.

*unlimited entries – limited only by your hard drive space.

*create a database of all of your projects, giving you a history of your creations.

Estimating for your crafts or projects done simply.

Available in my store on cd – requires a Windows based computer. Store.

crafts estimator done simple
crafts estimator done simple

Main page and time entry screenshots

crafts estimator done simple
crafts estimator done simple

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Members Contest for June

Member Contest for June, 2016 – winners choice of Wood Cedar Flute, Key of F or Oak Burl Pen in Mesa style.

Rocketkraft Studios  $19.95 year Join today and get access to lots of unique content. One yearly fee gives you access to lots of fun and different content that will be added to continually. In addition, each month a new item will be given away from a drawing from all current members.


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Flight Log on Sale through 5/30/16

Keep track of your data with Model Rocket Flight Log!

More than just a model rocket flight log, contains sections for construction notes, parts lists, photo album and more.

On sale through 5/30/16!


Designed for the hobbyist of model, mid and high power rocketry. Easy to use software.

* Let’s you record up to 36 flights for each rocket.

model rocket flight log -flight3   rocket flight-log-2-data

* Simple printouts to take with to the range or to have a hard copy of your data.

* Photo section for each. Add your construction photos, in flight photos or any photo you want.

* Unlimited number of entries – limited only by your hard drive space.

* Section for project notes on each rocket. Create a detailed log on how you went about creating and constructing your baby.

* Parts list and costs for each part.

View data in a list of all rockets or individually.

Download comes as a 8 mb zip file.

Program is easy to use and versatile.

Flight log includes sections for;

launch data: date, location, motors, weight, payload and recovery

Weather: wind direction, speed, humidity, temperature and visibility

Altitude: estimated, actual and flight performance

I created this program to help me monitor my fleet and find it extremely helpful when choosing motors depending on changing weather conditions. Having previous flight previous performance data helps when trying to choose new motor configurations. Also serves as a log to document construction steps, costs to build, and photos to document building or in flight. The software was updated and redesigned in 2015 to include more flights and added features.

created by Rocketkraft Studios Copyright 2015

rocket flight-log-4-constrrocket flight-log-4-constr

rocket-flight-log-6-photorocket -flight-log-5-parts


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Rocketkraft Studios

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I-phone cases

phone-case_iphone 6_6s_back_mockup

Model Rocket Flight Log Software

flight-log-by Rocketkraft

or maybe some fun sci fi stories….


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and handcrafted items from wood, including flutes, rockets, exotic pens, bowls, boxes, lids, stands and much, much more.

Oak Burl Pen

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