Steampunk Rocket Series, Collection 1

I started a project a few years ago making a series of steampunk rockets out of solid wood, creating stories and artwork to go along with them. Watch for updates to these pages by August 1st listing the wood rocket designs and plans.

Here is a collection of the first five short stories on Kindle.


The stories include;

steampunk rocket 1 Fury

1 – Fury

A fast attack ship, Fury Class, is broken down somewhere in a distant star lane. While waiting for the repair ship to rendezvous, strange things begin happening….

steampunk rocket 2 Blue Quasar

2 – Blue Quasar

“… The Job Lottery came through—I’ve been chosen. Got a docket as a position as a Wing Officer. My main patrol will be near the Breach point. I’m to detain anyone who tries the bridge the Gapway to Nyala.” Johannes scowled gradually quickening his steps on the way to his son.  “You don’t need this. That last thing I want is to see my soon working for the Republic.”  James headed down further, then stood just at the exit door.  “I can’t keep coming here father. If I want to advance in my position. I can’t be seen feeding into your delusions.”


3 – The Squid

A spaceship designed to explore the deep recesses of a gas giant planet, the Squid goes on a mission to find the rare element required for cheap energy for their people. Traces have been discovered in a nearby planet. While hunting down the rare element, the squid discovers something even more rare.

steampunk134 – Metallica

A group of teenagers hatch a plan to escape from a dictatorship….

“Hey, did you get the latest Metallica album?” John asked. “Make me a copy?” asked Abigail.

“Nope, it’s more parts for our ship!” said Henry. The others quickly placed their index fingers against lips to hush him up.  Abigail raised her eyebrows, impressed. “See you after school, then.” She looked worriedly at the hall guard, but he was looking in the other direction.

plain-site-2-ming - Copy

5 -In Plain Site

How do you build a spaceship in plain site of everyone?

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Watch for the next set in the Steampunk Rocket Series very soon.