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Musing – January 22, 2017

Daily Muse for January 22, 2017 …. It’s still a rainy, warm day here- at least for Minnesota in January (32 degrees and foggy at 7:30 AM). Feels more like March than January. Spent yesterday trying to keep the snow melt from running into the shop. I really should have done the landscaping around the shop door last Fall- difficult to do now that the ground is frozen. Ideally, when we hired the landscaper, they should have known better than to channel water straight at a door. Not bad yet, but if we keep getting these mild days with rain instead of snow, it could become a bigger issue. Also spent some time cleaning up the shop so I can get out and create more sawdust.

Today I plan to start revamping the Rocketkraft Studios website by moving the store to a separate site, update the blog post categories and clean up the pages. I will add back a lot of content including the wood rocket info and the steampunk series. Will get as much done as I can before the honey do list appears 🙂


Really would like to be back at my favorite beach with a bottle of Red Stripe. What an amazing vacation spot…more about the vacation soon. I fell in love with Jamaica and look forward to going back someday. You can check out a cool bookmark I created from one of my photos from the trip here

Some future topics for the daily muse include;

…whether to stay on eBay or find alternatives.

…best sources for printing

…ideas for the next Steampunk story.

Have a great day!

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